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Witches and wizards seen in Gloucestershire

Posted on 13th November 2013

Gloucestershire is more renowned for its Forest of Dean getaways and the Wye Valley, but the county has recently also been revealed as a home to a coven of witches and a wizard.

With the supernatural more commonly at home in films such as the Twilight Saga or Harry Potter, a piece in the Gloucestershire Echo has revealed that over the last three years sightings of witchcraft items, a coven of witches and a wizard have all been reported to Gloucestershire Police.

In one such example someone contacted the police saying that they had found a number of witchcraft paraphernalia in the Forest of Dean; the caller had apparently discovered a pile of stones in the shape of humans.

Local ghost hunter Bob Meredith, who is the writer of ‘The Haunted Cotswold – Tales of the Supernatural in Gloucestershire’, said, “I think there is a supernatural dimension around us, through us, in us, and I think some people do tune it to that.”

Image Credit: vladeb (flickr.com)