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Wildcats could call the Forest of Dean home

Posted on 23rd July 2014

A scientist has been working on a project that could see lynx wildcats re-entered into the Forest of Dean.

Jamie Wyver, a conservation science student at the Imperial College in London, has initially created a survey asking for local farmers, gamekeepers, landowners, holidaymakers renting quality holiday cottages in the Forest of Dean and others for their opinions on the proposed plan.

The conservationist told a local newspaper, “When we’re discussing wildlife reintroductions it is vital to talk to those who may be directly affected by the return of certain animals.”

The project is looking at the Forest of Dean and the Scottish Highlands as two areas in the UK where it is possible for lynxes to return once more.

The idea has come after research has shown that the lynx, which has been extinct in Britain for over 1,500 years, is beginning to make a comeback across mainland Europe.

To take a look at the project’s idea in more detail or to take the survey, click here.

Image Credit: Tambako The Jaguar (flickr.com)