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Wild boar kills Princess Anne’s award-winning pig

Posted on 11th January 2015

A roaming boar killed one of Princess Anne’s award-winning Gloucester Old Spot pigs at her farm in Gloucestershire.

The Princess this week revealed at the Oxford Farming Conference that the animal got into the pen of her treasured pet on her Cotswold estate and attacked and killed it.

Initially it was believed that the boar had come from the Forest of Dean, but now experts feel that although it is a possibility, it is unlikely. The large boar population in the Forest of the Dean has dramatically increased and many visitors who are staying in scenic holiday cottages in the Forest of Dean and walkers in the area quite often see the animal in the woodlands.

In an article in the Telegraph it reported that Princess Anne told the conference, “We had a visit last night on our farm from a wild boar.

“My Gloucester Old Spot boar is no longer with us as a result.”

Wild boar are an attraction for some visitors to the Forest of Dean, but the population of the animal has been deemed to be out of control and as a result a cull of the animal is being planned later this year.

Image Credit: Marieke IJsendoorn-Kuijpers (flickr.com)