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Tourists heading to the UK in record numbers

Posted on 24th August 2014

Tourists are visiting the UK in record numbers, recent data from the Office of National Statistics has revealed.

According to the results, tourists made 16.41 million trips to the UK between January and June 2014. As this indicates an eight per cent rise on the same period last year, it would suggest that the popularity and lure of the UK has not subsided within the world tourism market.

June in particular saw a record increase in terms of visitor levels, with the 3.18 million recorded showing a 10 per cent rise on June 2013. With 2014 offering some areas the warmest June for 140 years, it’s hardly surprising that many people flocked to the UK to enjoy a cottage holiday in the Forest of Dean and other regions across the nation.

With much of the country also experiencing a pleasant summer, it is highly likely that 2014 could be a record year for UK tourism.

Image Credit: European Environment Agency (EEA) (Flickr.com)