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Top place to propose in the Forest of Dean

Posted on 11th February 2017

Valentine’s Day has long been associated with romance. Though there is little known of Saint Valentine himself and less evidence to connect him with romance, couples around the world use the 14th of February as the perfect excuse to celebrate their love. Many believe that it was Geoffrey Chaucer who in fact created the association between St. Valentine’s Day and romance, purely down to the time of year, as it was a long-held belief in Britain and France that mid-February was the time birds paired off in preparation for mating.

Puzzlewood – Forest of Dean

Acknowledged as the most romantic day of the year, millions of people across the globe wind up proposing on February 14th. As with all important events in life, a proposal should be carefully planned and beautifully executed, which means not only must the speech and ring be polished, but the setting must be perfect, too.

The Forest of Dean has long held an appeal for its outstanding beauty. With many visitors revelling in the peace beneath the towering trees, it is a wonderful location for an intimate moment, let alone one of the most important questions you will ever ask. However, the real question is: where is the most romantic spot in over 40 square miles of near-pristine woodland?

An area mentioned time and time again for its popularity, Puzzlewood has been the source of inspiration for fictional settings in Lord of the Rings, while also providing locations for many films and British dramas including Merlin, Atlantis and Jack the Giant Slayer. The unusual geology as well as the ancient forest creates an ethereal and intimate atmosphere that is quite impossible to find anywhere else in the world. Helen O ‘Kane, a member of Puzzlewood’s staff, recounts some of the more thoughtful engagements that have happened in Puzzlewood:

“One lovely couple came here from the USA on holiday, they both loved Puzzlewood. So much so, that he flew her and their son, all the way back here to surprise her and propose! She said yes!”

Another couple who got engaged in the woods had actually visited the area before. Helen explains: “They noticed our Little House inside the woods and always wondered what it was like inside – the picket fence around it is kept locked. The gentleman contacted me, explained he would love to propose in there. So I hid a few personal items of theirs, left it open, and then they stumbled across the unlocked gate and went inside! She said yes!”

If you are visiting the Forest of Dean for a cottage holiday with the intention of proposing, or merely to enjoy the surrounding area and the other delights it has to offer, Puzzlewood is not to be missed and is worth walking through with your loved one.

Image Credit: GuyBerresfordPhotography (Shutterstock)