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Tolls for the Severn Bridge are set to be cut in 2018

Posted on 14th May 2015

It has recently been announced by the Chancellor George Osborne that tolls for cars and vans crossing the Severn Bridge will be cut in 2018 to £5.40.

Severn Bridge

Mr Osborne has revealed that the VAT on the Severn Bridge tolls would be abolished when the two bridges return to public ownership.

This means that holidaymakers who cross the bridge to get to the Forest of Dean holiday cottages they have booked and local residents who have to cross the bridge to get to work will not have to pay the current £6.50 charges for cars or the £13.10 charges for vans from 2018. This decrease is good news following on from a toll increase earlier this year, which we reported here.

Despite the Severn Bridge tolls for cars and vans being reduced, Chancellor George Osborne did announce that the charges for lorries and buses, which is currently £19.60, will only be cut to £16.30 in three years’ time.

In an article on the BBC, Keith Palmer, who is from the South Wales Chamber of Commerce, said, “We welcome the Chancellor’s decision to reduce tolls on the Severn Bridge from 2018 so that Wales has the same opportunities to attract inward investment as other parts of the UK.”

Image Credit: Ashley Coates (flickr.com)