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Toll increase for the River Severn bridge

Posted on 06th February 2015

On January 1st the toll for crossing the River Severn rose by 10 pence for car users, 30 pence for small goods vehicles and mini buses and 40 pence for heavy goods vehicles and large buses.

According to Labour’s candidate for the region, Steve Parry-Hearn, this hike in prices is hitting people travelling to and from the Forest of Dean.

The toll increase now means that people travelling by car have to pay £6.50 to cross the River Severn, worth bearing in mind if you’re planning on staying in luxury holiday cottages in the Forest of Dean soon.

The charges for the Severn Bridge and the Second Severn Crossing into Wales are in line with inflation, but Steve Parry-Hearn says this added expense is unnecessary.

He told the Gloucester Citizen, “We are not even three weeks into 2015 and already the pain of yet another price hike on the tolls is starting to bite.

“I hear all the time from Forest residents who can’t afford to travel to work, while local jobs are in jeopardy because firms aren’t making enough money.”

Image Credit: E. Nekervi (flickr.com)