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Theatre festival in Gloucester draws in crowds

Posted on 03rd August 2014

The first-ever international theatre festival in Gloucester, which finished on Friday 25th July, has drawn in the crowds.

The eight-day JOLT theatre festival, which began on 18th July, welcomed a number of world-class theatre companies to work with local actors and actresses over the past week.

Internationally recognised Mammalian kicked off the festival in style at the Olympus Theatre in Gloucester, while other great performances took place during the festival, such as Spitz & Co’s performance of Gloriator and Het Vijfde Bedrijf’s Lady M Macbethalone! play at the Olympus Theatre.

The JOLT theatre festival attracted large audiences and it is thought that both holidaymakers on cottage holidays in the Forest of Dean and local residents attended the festival.

A number of performances and workshops for children also took place over Gloucester during the week-long festival and organisers are predicting similar festivals to take place in the future.

Image Credit: Pedro del Valle (flickr.com)