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The Sheriff’s Assize of Ale returns to Gloucester

Posted on 16th September 2014

Saturday saw the return of the Sheriff’s Assize of Ale, which took place in Eastgate Street before touring the city centre and Gloucester Docks.

The medieval ritual, which involves the city’s sheriff testing a variety of ales, was conducted in order to raise money for a number of local charities.

Traditionally in the past, the city’s sheriff would have tested the ales to make sure it was of a good enough quality to be sold, and this was revived in 2002 as a way of celebrating the city’s heritage.

This unusual testing method involves an ale-connor, who is made to sit on a stool covered in ale while wearing leather trousers. If the trousers stick to the stool, it is deemed unsuitable for sale in the local public houses.

Testing ales from more than 25 pubs, this year’s event was a big success and is just one of the many ways you can experience Gloucester’s heritage during a Forest of Dean cottage holiday.

Image Credit: Michael Fajardo (Flickr.com)