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Starbucks will soon be returning to Gloucester

Posted on 04th August 2017

Coffee lovers won’t have to wait for much longer as Starbucks will soon be returning to the land of Gloucester.

Starbucks GloucesterGloucester has been without the American coffee brand ever since the closure of the city centre branch, leaving many visitors to Forest of Dean cottages looking to get their coffee fix elsewhere.

But those longing for their favourite caffeine facilitator won’t have to wait much longer as Starbucks is building a new branch on Eastern Avenue.

There is no official date for the grand opening at this point, but by looking at the building’s progress things shouldn’t be too far off.

According to Gloucestershire Live, a source has said that the chain was intended to be open this summer, but there has since been a delay.

The building is now on track to be finished this month, and then depending on how long fitting takes, the new Starbucks could be open as soon as September.

The new Starbucks will also offer a drive thru service for holidaymakers looking to grab a quick coffee on their way to a family day out in the area.