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Star Wars 7 arrives at Puzzlewood

Posted on 11th July 2014

This week it seems as though the rumours about Star Wars: Episode 7 being filmed in the Forest of Dean could be true.

Locals and people on Forest of Dean cottage holidays this summer have noticed a hoard of trailers arriving at Puzzlewood carrying filming equipment.

This has sparked even more rumours that the new Star Wars movie is being filmed at a number of locations across the Forest of Dean.

An article in The Independent says that if the rumours are to be believed, Puzzlewood will act as Ewok planet Endor or a part of the Dagobah system in the new movie, but this was not confirmed or denied by filming staff at the scene.

Puzzlewood has been a popular site for filming, with the likes of Atlantis, Doctor Who and Merlin all being shot there in recent years.

But, according to the people that saw the army of trailers arriving at Puzzlewood this week, it looked far too big to be a normal TV programme.

Image Credit: Peter Taylor (flickr.com)