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Roman skeletons discovered in Gloucester

Posted on 07th August 2013

A fantastic discovery was made last week when a Roman cemetery was uncovered in Gloucester. Around 40 skeletons were found in the discovery, making it one of the most significant historical finds within the city in the last 30 years.


Cotswold Archaeology representative Stuart Joyce has said that the site is “just outside the walls of the Roman city of Glevum” and the recently uncovered graveyard is likely to be the cemetery of the ancient city.

Around 40 skeletons were discovered in a nearby site in the 1960s, and these can now be found at Exeter University. However it is hoped that the new findings will be placed within the care of Gloucester Museum after tests have been carried out, keeping the skeletons close to where they were found and available for visitors staying in Forest of Dean holiday cottages to see.

Excavation work is due to continue for two more years on the site, and experts are hoping to uncover even more historical gems in Gloucestershire.

Image Credit: Grand Canyon NPS (flickr.com)