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Roman coins to go on display in the Forest of Dean

Posted on 28th July 2015

A unique collection of Roman coins that were discovered in a Gloucestershire field has gone on display in the Forest of Dean.

Roman Coin

The 500 bronze coins, which date back to the 4th Century AD, have become affectionately known as the Yorkley Hoard and are currently on display at the Dean Heritage Centre after the centre bought the collection for £1,600.

The centre is now expecting the special display to attract visitors who are in the area on Forest of Dean cottage holidays this summer.

These visitors will get to see coins that are dated AD 330-335 as well as two coins that date from AD 294-340 and one coin that dates back as far as AD 271-274.

Speaking to the BBC, Gavin Warren, the metal detector enthusiast who found the collection, said, “My detector went absolutely crazy and when we dug holes into the ground, they were just falling off the spade from the soil.

“We collected about half and went back the next weekend and found the rest.”

Image Credit: Kevin Dooley (flickr.com)