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Ray Mears featuring the River Wye in new documentary ‘Wild Rivers’

Posted on 03rd September 2014

Bushcraft expert Ray Mears has recently been spotted in the Wye Valley filming his new documentary ‘Wild Rivers’. Taking a break from tracking leopards, bears and wolves in his series Survivor, the renowned TV presenter takes an excursion along parts of the stunning 150-mile-long River Wye in search for wildlife.

During his trip, Mears visited the Weir Gardens in order to take a closer look at bats as he searched for the rare Nathusius’ pipistrelle. However, there are very few records of this species in Herefordshire.

While visiting the Weir Gardens, Mears and his team met with the Herefordshire Mammal Group and their co-ordinator, who successfully managed to catch a cousin of the sought-after bat: the soprano pipstrelle.

Fascinating wildlife is one of the many draws that bring tourists to the Wye Valley as there are some fantastic locations for spotting animals and birds during Forest of Dean cottage holidays.

The one-hour documentary, Wild Rivers, which features the River Wye is expected to be broadcast in January 2015 on ITV.

Image Credit: Ed Webster (Flickr)