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Plans to cover ancient Forest of Dean landmark rejected

Posted on 17th March 2014

Plans that would have seen polytunnels and reservoirs implemented for the production of asparagus on an ancient site in the Forest of Dean have been rejected.

The site, which covers 50 acres of land, was part of plans for a new asparagus farm, but those who opposed it claimed in a statement that the area between Redmarley, Bromsberrow and Dymock is an “important place in literary history” and a popular attraction for people on amazing Forest of Dean cottage holidays.

The area is associated with America’s most renowned poet Robert Frost, and the region draws in many visitors from the US.

Marion Shoard, who represents the Friends of Dymock Poets and who was a protestor against the proposals for an asparagus farm, told the Gloucester Citizen, “The landscape is especially attractive to Americans visiting today and an excellent example of the English countryside – a traditional small-scale blend of field, wood, copse and hedgerow.”

Councillor Jane Horne added, “It will destroy what historically is something out of this world. It is a source of tremendous tourism.”

Image Credit: Al King (flickr.com)