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Plans announced for a third River Severn crossing

Posted on 11th March 2014

Forest of Dean Conservative MP Mark Harper has put forward plans for a third bridge to cross the River Severn in Gloucestershire.

The aim of the bridge would be to relieve traffic congestion between the Forest of Dean and Gloucester and to make it easier for people going on their luxury Forest of Dean cottage holidays.

The initial plan is for the project to be paid for through taxation or by the tolls that have been collected from the two other bridges that cross the River Severn.

Mark Harper told the BBC, “I’ve asked the Highways Agency to carry out some option appraisal work, to look at what options there might be for a further crossing between Over and the old Severn Bridge.”

The plans that were discussed in a special debate at Westminster Hall about the future of the Severn bridges revealed that the potential new bridge would be toll-free and would help to reduce the 80,000 plus vehicles that cross every day between England and Wales on the M48 and M4.

Image Credit: Glen Wallace (flickr.com)