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Over 600 unique vehicles attend Coleford Carnival of Transport

Posted on 10th April 2015

The Coleford Carnival of Transport was attended by over 600 vehicles as the famous event attracted hundreds of visitors.


The town of Coleford, which is close to the Forest of Dean and its scenic holiday cottages, attracted a variety of visitors on Easter Monday as vehicles coming in all different shapes and sizes drove down the streets of Coleford to celebrate the 18th year of the carnival.

Custom-built motors, vintage cars, modern sports cars, military vehicles and old and new motorbikes all descended on the Forest of Dean for the event. The carnival also had music being played by Triangle Radio and a variety of stands selling auto-themed gifts and clothes to visitors.

The Coleford Carnival of Transport was such a success that the event has already been planned again for next year and is set to take place on 28th March 2016.

To see some photographs from the event or to find out more information about next year’s carnival, visit the Coleford Carnival of Transport Facebook page.


Image Credit: chumlee10 (flickr.com)