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Night bus planned for Forest of Dean

Posted on 11th February 2014

A brand new night bus is being planned for the Forest of Dean by the area’s community transport co-ordinator.

 Anna-Marie Hitchings has been given a five-year £300,000 lottery grant to improve the region’s transport and to attract more visitors to the area.

One idea that has been mentioned is a new local night bus, which would not only benefit people living in the area but also visitors on cottage holidays in the Forest of Dean.

Anna-Marie Hitchings says, “Bus routes in the Forest can be quite sporadic.

“We’re trying to raise awareness of community transport which hopefully attracts more visitors and, in turn, more volunteers.”

The new scheme would mean a reduction in the heavy reliance on voluntary transport options such as the Lydney-Dial-A-Ride and Lydcare services which are currently being run by local volunteers.

No decision has been made yet, but up and coming meetings will go through all the proposed transport schemes for the area and, once a decision has been made, a large marketing campaign will be launched.

Image Credit: Joe Kunzler (flickr.com)