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New craze rocks the Forest of Dean with its fun and creativity

Posted on 24th September 2017

Gloucestershire has a new craze which started out in the Forest of Dean and is only gaining in popularity.

painted rocksAmy Sampson, a mum from the Forest of Dean, is responsible for rocking the county with a new creative activity involving the painting of pebbles.

The new hobby is somewhat of a viral sensation, and started when Amy encouraged others to decorate rocks and then hide them in different public locations for people to find. The aim of the game is simply to bring a smile to the finder’s face.

After just four weeks of starting a Facebook group called Forest of Dean Rocks, the page has nearly 5,000 members and has inspired similar groups to pop up in the nearby towns of Gloucester and Bristol.

Amy, a wedding photographer, came across the craze herself thanks to a friend in Yorkshire and has been speaking about the county’s new favourite pastime (via Gloucestershire Live):

“I only started it about three weeks ago and it’s gone crazy,” said the mum of four from the Forest of Dean.

“I had a feeling it would be really popular but I had no idea how fast it would spread once I started. It’s been amazing.”

“I’m really pleased because it’s such good fun. It’s great to see so many people enjoying it and knowing I played a small part.”

People all over the county are now creating, hiding, and finding decorative rocks and then posting images on Facebook, with some participants getting incredibly creative with their designs. If you’re going to find yourself in the area soon, perhaps while staying at a holiday cottage in the Forest of Dean, why not keep a look out and join in the fun?

As Amy so nicely put: “It’s a really good way of getting people of all ages and abilities out and about having fun and being creative.”