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£100,000 to be spent on new home for protected bats

Posted on 23rd September 2013

Forest of Dean cottage holidays are often a popular destination for nature lovers and the announcement that local councillors are going to spend around £100,000 on a new habitat for protected bats has come as great news for them.


The Forest of Dean District Council’s cabinet has been requested to shell out a maximum of £2,000 a year in rent for 50 years for new bat roosts, as the bats’ original homes are based in derelict buildings that are going to be demolished to make room for a new business park and college redevelopment.

The plans include the creation and maintenance of two bat roost houses and two night roost buildings, with the Homes and Communities Agency set to foot the bill.

Work on the new development, near Hawkwell and Brierley around the Cinderford area, has already begun and the buildings which are currently home to the bats have not yet been demolished because the bats are a protected species.

Cabinet leader Patrick Molyneux told a local publication: “On the face of it, £100,000 seems like a lot of money but it is set against the huge investment which is to come in there, and the preservation of biodiversity in the Forest of Dean over a long period of time.”

“New roosts are likely to attract other species of bat too, and promoting biodiversity is a very important part of what the Forest of Dean is about.”

Image Credit: Gabor Kovacs (flickr.com)