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Hollywood visits Clearwell Caves

Posted on 27th August 2015

Clearwell Caves was recently turned into a Disney version of the Middle Ages as film crews descended on the Forest of Dean-based attraction to film the new Galavant movie.

Clearwell Caves

Clearwell Caves is normally a popular destination for holidaymakers staying in holiday cottages in the Forest of Dean over the summer, but this past week the attraction has turned into a Hollywood set.

It has been confirmed that the movie that was being filmed at Clearwell Caves was the musical comedy Galavant, which ABC network in the US has just commissioned a second series for.

Stars such as Timothy Omundson, Joshua Sasse and Vinnie Jones play a role in the programme and Galavant’s film-makers revealed that Gloucestershire was the perfect medieval backdrop needed for filming.

Jonathan Wright, of Clearwell Caves, told the South West Business website, “Most of the filming has been above ground on the surface but they are being very vague and secretive about exactly what they are doing.”

Image Credit: Ben Coulson (flickr.com)