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Hollywood comes to the Forest of Dean

Posted on 15th August 2014

Following on from the announcement that the new Star Wars: Episode VII could be filmed in the Forest of Dean, J.K. Rowling’s recent novel The Casual Vacancy has brought more film crews to the area. Having lived in Tutshill in the Forest of Dean, Rowling is showing further support for the area with the latest filming.

The Casual Vacancy, Rowling’s first adult novel, is due to be turned into a television drama, with parts set to be filmed in Painswick. Families on Forest of Dean self-catering cottage holidays will be keeping their eyes peeled for film crews when they drive through Gloucestershire as The Casual Vacancy is not the only production being filmed in the area as shown in this previous article; Star Wars: Episode VII is rumoured to be being filmed.

Painswick is being used by film crews to shoot scenes featuring ‘Ashtree Funeral Home’, which, as noted in this article, is actually the Cotswold Care Hospice shop in Bisley Street. The crew will then move onto Minchinhampton to shoot the rest of the TV drama.

Image Credit: Sonia Belviso (flickr.com)