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Heritage open days at the Forest of Dean

Posted on 08th September 2013

The Forest of Dean is set to open some of its private pearls to the general public as part of the Heritage Open Days 2013.


The Heritage Open Days, which take place from 12-15 September, celebrate England’s beautiful architecture and culture by offering the public free access to buildings that either usually charge for admission or are not open to the public.

The annual four-day celebration, commonly held in September,  gives people from every background the opportunity to visit buildings ranging from castles to churches, town halls to Buddhist temples, and cabins to factories. This once-a-year activity also presents visitors with a number of events and activities to commemorate England’s history and culture.

As part of the Heritage Open Days event, the Verderer’s Court will be open to the public. The court is a part of the Speech House Hotel, a former 17th century hunting lodge, which is at the centre of the Forest of Dean. Peter Ralph, Green Badge Guide, will also be giving a talk on the origin of the Verderers in the court room.

Holiday cottages in the Forest of Dean are expecting an increased number of visitors in September it is advised that people book their accommodation in advance.

Image Credit: 38 Degrees (flickr.com)