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Temperatures to rise across Gloucestershire during weekend

Posted on 07th June 2013

It’s a fantastic time to be embarking on your Forest of Dean holidays, with certain areas of the county experiencing sizzling temperatures in time for the weekend.

Forest of Dean

While temperatures in Gloucester have been comfortably reaching the 20° barrier, the city is expected to see sizzling highs of 25° in time for the weekend, with both locals and tourists alike sure to be getting out and making the most of the sunshine. A popular place to catch a great tan will be Gloucester Park, with local health experts already advising people to apply the necessary measures to avoid getting sunburnt. The temperatures will also stay balmy once the sun sets, with the extra hours of daylight offering the perfect opportunity to explore the beauty of the surrounding area, such as the Forest of Dean.

With the fine weather expected to continue into next week, everyone from tourism officials to holidaymakers themselves will be hoping it can keep the rain at bay during the summer months.

Image Credit: European Environment Agency (Flickr.com)