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Gloucestershire confirmed as quirkiest place for sports

Posted on 19th September 2015

Gloucestershire is certainly home to some quirky sports, with cheese rolling, bore surfing, wool sack racing and shin kicking all popular pastimes, but now its status has been confirmed.

Cheese Rolling

Cheese Rolling

The county, which is also famous for more straightforward activities like booking holiday cottages in the Forest of Dean and walking through the beautiful countryside, was officially named as the home of England’s quirkiest sports by VisitEngland.

VisitEngland were aiming to find where visitors from home and abroad could find the top sporting experiences and venues in the country. The research revealed that Gloucestershire was home to the quirkiest sports, whilst Nottingham was awarded the “People’s Choice” award, Yorkshire the “Sporting Playground” award, and Rugby the “Biggest claim to fame” award. Manchester won the “Best sporting attractions” award and London picked up the “Iconic venues and events” award.

Maureen McAllister, executive director of the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean Tourism Association, told the Gloucester Citizen, “The Forest is a real centre for unusual pastimes – there’s nowhere else in England where you can see surfers riding 50ft waves down the river.”

“From surfing the Severn Bore to exploring caves hundreds of metres underground, the Forest is proud of its quirky sports and we’re thrilled to be part of the county’s bid for England’s Home of Sport.”

Gloucestershire has now been shortlisted for the “Home of English Sport” award and people can vote for the county here. Voting closes on October 19th.

Image Credit: michael warren (flickr.com)