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Gloucester’s wet November – Rainy day activities in the Forest of Dean

Posted on 22nd November 2016

Various regions of the British Isles have encountered flooding in the past couple of weeks, and today the Gloucestershire City Police among other organisations have released safety recommendations for residents and visitors travelling in the area. As of yet, the Forest of Dean has not seen any significant incidents, and luckily the area is well-prepared for extreme weather. However, if you are headed on a Forest of Dean cottage holiday, it is worthwhile keeping some basic measures in mind before setting out on the roads to allow you to enjoy your visit to the full.

Forest of Dean Lake

On Twitter, the Gloucestershire City Police reminded county residents, “Please be aware of standing water on roads. If you come across a flooded road, drive through highest section slowly. If in doubt don’t enter”. According to Gloucestershire Live, the RAC also released recommendations for drivers, including pointers such as ensuring windscreen wipers are fully functional, filling up with fuel before travel, carrying a mobile phone in case you encounter any difficulties during your journey and checking that your tyres are of the recommended tyre tread depth. If you are travelling up to the Forest of Dean area at this time of year it is good to keep these protocols in mind.

The Forest of Dean is a beautiful location to visit at this time of year, regardless of the weather. Get your wellies on and head out into the woodland to enjoy the rich colours of the leaves on the trees, and to catch a glimpse of the diverse local wildlife going about their daily lives. The Environment Agency are currently advising walkers to avoid rivers such as the River Lyd and Cinderford Brook during heavy rain, as these can flow quickly and occasionally flood.

What to do in the Forest of Dean on rainy days

Luckily, there is plenty to do in the Forest of Dean on a rainy day. Why not visit a local museum such as Gloucester City museum, where the kids can dress up as a Roman soldier and you can discover all about the background of this fascinating region? The Dean Heritage Centre is the perfect day out for art and history lovers, with five galleries exploring the history of the area from the Ice Age to the present day and a Victorian school room to spark children’s imaginations! Alternatively, Gloucestershire is full of fantastic theatres such as The Playhouse, and Cotswold Farm Park is full of adorable farm animals in warm, dry barns. For the adventure-lover, there are plenty of climbing walls, go karting centres and even a laser tag arena in Gloucester. Or, to while away the hours on a rainy afternoon whilst gaining a new skill, get creative and paint some pottery whilst enjoying a coffee at shops around the county.

So, whatever the weather, you’ll never be short of ways to spend some delightful days in the Forest of Dean!

Image Credit: Andrew Callow (Visualhunt)