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Gloucester Cathedral wait to hear funding decision for £6million project

Posted on 10th February 2016

Gloucester Cathedral hopes to attract not just those staying in nearby luxury holiday cottages in the Forest of Dean but visitors from around the world, with project organisers waiting to hear of the final stage decision for crucial funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Gloucester Cathedral

With planning permission being granted for most of the proposed project designs, the Cathedral is now going through the second stage of its bidding process for major funding.

Project Pilgrim will see the grounds of the Cathedral being accentuated, with much of its present car park being removed to open up the entrance of the building. Solar panels will also be installed on the Cathedral roof to cut the cost of energy use by up to 25 per cent. There are also plans to build a new glass-roofed café and make the 14th Century Parliament Suite more accessible.

Speaking to Gloucester Citizen, project manager Anne Cranston commented: “We’re confident that we’ve done everything we possibly could to make sure our round two bid with the Heritage Lottery Fund secures a positive result.”

The decision by the Heritage Lottery Fund is expected to be made in March.

Image Credit: Glen Bowman (flickr.com)