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Gifford’s Circus could be heading for Pitville Park in Cheltenham

Posted on 09th February 2013

The circus is coming to Cheltenham! That’s the message that could be spread across the spa town should a proposal for Gifford’s Circus be given the go-ahead.

Pittville Park pump room

It could be a fantastic development for Cheltenham, offering another entertainment venue for people to enjoy during their Forest of Dean cottage holidays. Bringing along a collection of tented stalls, painted wagons and fairground rides, Gifford’s Circus has been touring all over the country and has been met with praise and plaudits in all locations.

Having made an annual appearance at the famous Cheltenham Racecourse for the last few years, the circus owners feel that a move to the Park would give the attraction better accessibility, meaning that more people could come and enjoy the circus than ever before.

The largest ornamental park in Cheltenham, Pitville Park has been a favourite with locals and visitors alike since first opening back in 1825. With the circus not yet confirming a date for appearing at the Cheltenham Racecourse in 2013, there is every chance that Pitville Park could become home to trapeze artists, acrobats, jugglers, clowns and a range of other spectacles.

Maisie Rose McArthur, a spokeswoman for Gifford’s Circus, said the owners were excited about the potential move because of their fondness of the town.

It is believed that the owners, Nell and Toti Gifford, are to meet with council officials on the 12 February to discuss the move. With many said to be in favour of the idea, the proposal could be a success.

If you are already looking forward to your stay at holiday cottages in the Forest of Dean, there’s every chance the circus could be featuring when you’re there. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for any further updates with the development.

Image Credit: Image Credit: Graeme Walker (geograph.og.uk)