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Forest of Dean landmark sold for £1 by Queen

Posted on 03rd February 2014

St James’s Church on the banks of the River Wye in the Forest of Dean has been sold by the Queen for just £1 to the Forest of Dean Buildings Preservation Trust.

The church, which was built in the 12th century and is a popular attraction for ramblers staying in holiday homes in the Forest of Dean, has been disused for around 150 years. Now, the Forest of Dean Buildings Preservation Trust are planning to spend around £50,000 to restore the church to its former glory after purchasing it. Jim Chapman, the chair of the trust, said in a statement that the church had been sold to the Gloucestershire Heritage Trust, but that had disbanded, so ownership was lost. He said, “We had to go through an old feudal system of how the Queen gave away her land to the noblemen at the time and we had to petition the Queen to create a new title to this church.” Following a court case, the trust had to pay legal charges of £2,500, but Mr Chapman said that it was worth it to save a “romantic ruin”. Image Credit: Sheila Thomson (flickr.com)