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Forest of Dean birds studied

Posted on 11th October 2013

Hundreds of birders have surveyed thousands of kilometres of Gloucestershire, including the Forest of Dean, to create the largest report yet on the county’s bird life.

Mandarin Duck

Forest of Dean mini breaks are popular with birdwatchers, and soon those visitors will be able to pick up a Birds of Gloucestershire book as a result of the efforts of the project’s volunteers.

As part of the seven-year study, the county was divided into two-kilometre-wide squares and each section allocated to one of the 200 plus volunteers.

Gordon Kirk, one of the books’ two main editors, said: “They (the volunteers) went out in sun and rain, winter or summer and noted down every bird they spotted over those four years.”

The findings from the study have been written up in the book, which also includes photos from local birdwatchers, paintings and drawings of birds.

The 336-page Birds of Gloucestershire book will be launched on November 16.

Image Credit: David Merrett (flickr.com)