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Fantastic pottery of every colour

Posted on 07th April 2017

If you go into the woods today you are in for a big surprise because, bordering the Forest of Dean and hidden behind the façade of an old-fashioned stone farmhouse, lies a storm of colourful ceramics. Mary Rose Young has settled on the outskirts of the forest, and brought all her creativity to bare.  Mary Rose Young

Bright tiles, striped beams and shelves of every colour display her vibrant and delicate pieces that, despite the retro patterns, still hold an organic element in their shape. While staying in a holiday cottage in the Forest of Dean, it is worth heading out to see this bright little gallery that makes you feel as if you are stepping into Oz.

From tiny bowls to chandeliers, Mary Rose has an ideal range for those looking for anything from a gift or keepsake to a statement piece for their home. There is an element of fairytale in many of Mary Rose’s pieces. Crowned tea cups are the norm, while roses cluster on many of her pieces, adding a hint of the romantic. She explains, “I wanted my pottery to have a cross between childlike wonderment and a fun party, and you see that when people walk into the gallery”. While there are sets of gold and white dinner plates available for traditionalists, there are also those with polka dots, stripes of every colour and the geometrically patterned for those who want to take a slice of Mary Rose’s fantastical designs home with them.

Mary Rose’s initial success was with department stores in the United States, such as Barney’s. Now, however, she makes an effort to keep it local. When asked why she lives in the Forest of Dean, she responded:

“I was brought up round here, and I have been here so long, always living around Gloucestershire, that now I almost feel like a local. In some ways, living in the forest, away from other creative people, stops me from feeling self-conscious. It is a good place to hunker down and look at what you are doing as an artist.”

Though she works on mainly smaller pieces, she does like to set herself the challenge of a larger project, creating chandeliers that are worthy of exhibition, but are instead commissioned for private estates.

Pottery Chandelier

Image Credit: James Young