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Dean Heritage Centre to put on WWI exhibition

Posted on 24th February 2014

The Dean Heritage Centre is searching for memorabilia from the First World War as it looks to create a new exhibition commemorating the centenary of the outbreak.

The centre and the Forest of Dean Local History Society have partnered to create an exhibition on the Great War, which will be displayed later this year from 2nd August.

Organisers are hoping to attract visitors who are staying in new holiday homes in the Forest of Dean, as well as locals, to the exhibition.

The display will demonstrate how World War I affected the Forest of Dean and the lives of those living in the area. The centre has already been given a side drum from the Mitcheldean Brass Band and organisers are now looking for more memorabilia to show off in the display.

Nicola Wynn, Collections Officer for the project, says, “We have many objects from World War Two but not so many from the WW1 period. We’d like to ask if anyone has any objects they could donate or loan to us for a few months for the WW1 exhibition.”

Image Credit: Elliott Brown (flickr.com)