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Coleford Christmas lights to be put up late

Posted on 28th October 2014

Coleford is renowned for its spectacular Christmas lights and for being one of the only towns in the UK to put up their festive lights in October.

Christmas Lights

This year, this crown is set to be removed as the group of volunteers that annually put up decorations across the town have said they will not be doing it this year.

It is common for people who are staying in Forest of Dean accommodation to visit Coleford in October and see an array of different Christmas lights, but this year those visitors will sadly not have the opportunity.

A fall in the number of volunteers is the main reason why the famous festive lights will not be put up. A former volunteer, Kevin Wilkins, told the Gloucester Citizen, “It has been quite a struggle.

“We advertised for volunteers but they did not come forward.”

Now the Coleford Town Council will put up some of the 154 festive decorations, but no date for the switch on of the lights has been confirmed.

It is also hoped that a new group of volunteers will come forward to put up the Christmas decorations in 2015.

Image Credit: gorfor (flickr.com)