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Coca-Cola Christmas truck heads to Gloucester

Posted on 15th November 2013

The famous Coca-Cola Christmas truck will be heading to Gloucester this year, as part of a festive tour around the UK.

Gloucester, a popular destination for a day out with people taking breaks in the Forest of Dean, will welcome the truck on Thursday 5th December from 1pm to 9pm in King’s Square.

A Coca-Cola spokesperson said, “We’ve researched the nation’s kindness hotspots – the towns and cities that bring the most joy to others in the Christmas season – and each stop on the Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour is linked to a result from our research.”

The truck, which has been made famous through the “holidays are coming” Coca-Cola Christmas advert that appears on the nation’s TV sets every year, will start its tour of the UK on 23rd November, when it will stop off in Inverness in Scotland, before finishing its month-long tour on 23rd December in Dartford, Kent.

Image Credit: Maximus_W (flickr.com)