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Chepstow Festival captivating summer crowds in Wye Valley

Posted on 30th June 2016

The Chepstow Arts and Community Festival is a month-long celebration of theatre, music and creativity in the town. The event brings together the entire Forest of Dean community, with over 80 events being staged over the course of the festival.

Chepstow Festival

The festival began on June 24th and will come to a spectacular conclusion on July 24th. Many of the festival’s theatrical and musical productions will be staged at Chepstow Castle and held under the protection of an audience rain cover in the case of rain.

The festival draws in some of the country’s best professional theatre companies.

There will be a murder mystery production – the “Murder on the Terrace” – at the castle. There will also be productions of Shakespeare’s classics including Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Other great stories will take to the stage, such as Sense and Sensibility and Roald Dahl’s Danny the Champion of the World. For the full event programme, please visit the festival website.

With help from Chepstow Town Council, there will also be a number of musical performances held at the town bandstand. Held on each Sunday until the end of the festival, Monmouth Big Band, The Don Fox Scandal, Twysted River and the FB Pocket Orchestra are scheduled to appear at the festival.

If spending time in any of our fantastic holiday cottages in the Forest of Dean, the Chepstow Festival is a great way to enjoy your holiday in the county.

Image Credit: Nic Trott (flickr.com)