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Cheltenham to vote on new public artwork

Posted on 27th January 2013

The Gloucestershire town of Cheltenham could be welcoming a fantastic new piece of public art later this year after it was announced that a vote would take place to decide whether or not the exhibit should be created in Hester’s Way.

Boasting a range of beautiful landmarks and a buzzing art scene, it comes as no surprise that Cheltenham is already a popular location to visit for those enjoying their Forest of Dean cottage holidays throughout the year.

Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum

The proposed piece would be a story chair, designed as a place for people to sit down and listen to a series of recordings, each recounting different memories and experiences of the town, particularly Hester’s Way. The current proposal is for the piece to be placed in the town’s library, easily accessible to locals and visitors alike. Should it be given the go-ahead, Cheltenham artist Natasha Houseago is ready and waiting to transform the idea into a reality.

It is thought that local residents will be interviewed for their recordings, with each linked up to headphones attached to the chair. Natasha, 46, said she is keen for the creation to be around six or seven feet high and that it will be carved from a local tree. It will also need to be very robust so children can run and jump up onto it.

Should the vote pass, consultation for the project could begin as early as next month. It could be a fantastic new feature for Cheltenham, allowing people of all ages to come and discover the many reasons why people are so fond of the town. If you are looking forward to your stay in any of the nearby holiday cottages in the Forest of Dean in the coming months, why not come and discover Cheltenham for yourself?

Image Credit: ell brown (Flickr.com)