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Channel 4 programme filmed at Forest of Dean

Posted on 17th September 2013

A new Channel 4 historical drama is currently being played out in the Forest of Dean.

View from Symond's Yat Rock, Forest of Dean

A film set has been put up at the Beechenhurst picnic site, which is just a short distance away from many holiday cottages in the Forest of Dean, as shooting gets underway for the new Channel 4 drama New Worlds.

The four-episode programme, which is due to hit the small screen in 2014, is set in the turbulent 1680s and takes place on both sides of the Atlantic, as two men and two women put their lives on the line in their bid for a fairer future. The story takes the viewer through the human price that was paid for the freedom we all enjoy today.

The cast includes Jamie Dornan, who appeared in The Fall, Freya Mavor, who has starred in Skins and The White Queen, and Joe Dempsie, who has appeared in programmes such as Southcliffe and Game of Thrones.

Workers around the Beechenhurst site have been warned not to give any details away, but Derek Yemm, who is manager at the Forest Connections shop at Beechenhurst, adds, “On a scale of one to 10 of excitement, it is a 10 for me. I am sworn to secrecy over it.”

Image Credit: Katherine (flickr.com)