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Changes to the Dean Heritage Centre trustee board

Posted on 28th November 2013

The Dean Heritage Centre is set to undergo fresh development, as the trustee board appoints a new member in the form of Ruspidge resident Helen Barker.

It is thought that Barker’s experience in a number of fundraising events will benefit the efforts of the board and the Forest as a whole, with visitors on Forest of Dean cottage holidays in the local area able to reap the rewards. Having moved to the area with her husband last year and helping out by volunteering regularly at the centre, Barker is determined to communicate the Forest’s appeal to the rest of the country.

Barker said that she was honoured to join the board and that she is “looking forward to being involved with the vanguard of new ideas at the home of our unique history and heritage in the Forest,” according to this article. It is thought that Barker’s presence on the board will further help the Dean Heritage Centre to achieve its goals of promoting the unique heritage of the Forest of Dean.

Image Credit: Erni (shutterstock.com)