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Gloucester Cathedral bells break 20 year silence

Posted on 17th April 2013

Gloucester Cathedral is now looking, and sounding, better than ever after the bells of the cathedral chimed for the first time in 20 years. The chiming mechanism for the bells broke down 20 years ago, and it is only now that the necessary funds have been raised and the restoration completed.

Gloucester Cathedral

Around £6,000 was spent carrying out the restoration, most of which was raised as a leaving gift for Canon Jonathan Mackechnie-Jarvis, a Diocese of Gloucester employee. He said that he wanted to hear those bells chime again, one of which is the largest surviving medieval bell, and he could not think of a better way to honour his 28 years of service than to help restore the bells.

Those soon to be enjoying Forest of Dean cottage holidays will be able to hear the bells ring a different tune at 8am, 1pm and 5pm, shortly after the ringing of the hour bell. The 5pm tune will occur at 4pm at the weekend, and new tunes will be added around Christmas and Easter, both great times to enjoy a holiday in the English countryside.

Image Credit: Image Credit: Cathedral City Guide (flickr.com)