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Bog snorkelling Championships to feature near Forest of Dean

Posted on 15th June 2013

The Bog Snorkelling Championships are set to return to Chepstow this coming July, sure to be one of the more peculiar events for visitors to enjoy on their Forest of Dean holidays.

bog snorkeling

Taking place at the National Diving and Activity Centre over 20 & 21 July, it presents a fun and exciting sport for both competitors and spectators to come and enjoy. With competitors split into adult and under-16s categories, it involves donning a wetsuit, flippers and a snorkel and completing two lengths of a boggy trench. The person to do so in the quickest time will be named as the winner.

While a stay in the Forest of Dean offers spectacular views, enjoying one of the many events throughout the year can make it into an experience you’re sure not to forget in a hurry. If you are interested in entering yourself, please follow this link, otherwise, it could be a fun event to spectate.

Image Credit: rud-gr (Wikimedia Commons)